• Skype v FooCall

    Not only can you call other FooTalk users for free, but you can call any other number in the world at incredibly low rates.

    So if there is someone you want to call who isn’t on FooTalk yet, you can still call their number directly, and save on your calls.

    Here’s proof how competitive our rates are, compared to Skype:

    Calls to: Skype
    (per minute)
    (per minute)
    Brazil 5.8c 3.3c
    Brazil – Mobile 22.1c 11.3c
    Canada 2.3c 1.7c
    Canada – Mobile 2.3c 1.7c
    China 2.3c 2c
    China – Mobile 2.3c 1.7c
    India 9.2c 2.5c
    India – Mobile 9.2c 2.5c
    Nigeria 17.5c 10.5c
    Nigeria – Mobile 25.8c 10.5c
    Poland 2.3c 1.7c
    Poland – Mobile 25.5c 9.7c
    Thailand 11.6c 2c
    Thailand – Mobile 11.6c 3.3c
    UK 2.3c 1.7c
    UK – Mobile 25.9c 4.9c
    USA 2.3c 1.7c
    USA – Mobile 2.3c 1.7c

    Check all of our international call rates directly from within the app.

    * All rates in USD, correct as at December 2012. Skype rates taken from Skype Pay As You Go. All logos and trademarks are the property of the respective owners.

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